Hello!  My name is Tanya and I am an award-winning animation director, writer, illustrator, and general creative human person who currently resides in London.   I like good stories, cats, baked goods, and medieval manuscripts... Things you're likely to find in most of my work.  

For many years I helped to make children's television series for some of the biggest studios in the UK, focusing mainly on design and art direction for kids but I also ventured into commercials, interactive content and games.  Longing to create my own stories and characters, I sought representation for my illustration and writing, which I found with Chloe Seager at the Madeline Milburn Agency. 

Now I am very proud to say, that my first book Wizkit: An Adventure Overdue is  published by Simon and Schuster!  Wizit has wonderful reviews from both critics and both old and young readers.  It has made it onto several "Best of 2023" and "2024 recommended" lists, and is nominated for a Charlotte Award.  

 "The Underglow" is a Pre-school series I co-created with Writer Sam Morrison and it has made it through The Ignite scheme and is now being taken forward by the BBC.  Throughout the course of 2022-2023, Sam and I worked with the BBC to develop the series from a single one page.  The BBC are now looking to finance the production so we hope that The Underglow will make it into a production studio very soon!

I am also a graduate of the National Film and Television School, and my short film "The Wolf of Custer" is currently joining the festival circuit and has gone on to win several awards, including a prestigious British Animation Award. 

I specialise in creating original IP, idea development and animation design/illustration, while building upon my passion and skills to tell stories in unique and beautiful ways. 

Find me on twitter or Instagram @tanyajscott